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                 RAKEL PERSSON: 

                                                    Felted Wool Sculptures

My sculptures express the surreal way in which images from the subconscious are revealed in the conscious. In these works, I try to examine feelings, relationships, moods, memories and dreams. I am inspired by nature's shades, shadows and colors to create works that mix aspects that are animal, with those that are human and plant.


These sculptures prompt the viewer to ask questions, while challenging them to open up to their imaginations, which sometimes leads to laughter, while at others, to tears.


In my work, I try to capture the beauty of the harsh, dark and fragile states of mind, while suggesting a way out, and opening up possibilities! I try to capture the beauty of movement, color and fragrance by allowing the viewer to be in the moment, as though it’s an eternity, and then to let go, even if it's just for a short while.

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