Arts Forum: Bauhaus 1919-2019, Saint-Gély-du-Fesc, France 

November 16th & 17th 2019


Rakel Persson has been invited to participate in the Monet Artistic Association’s (AAM) annual exhibition, in Saint-Gély-du-Fesc, France. For this 11th edition of this exhibition, the theme is the Bauhaus, where art and craftsmanship are based on the Bauhaus teaching scheme. In the exhibition, "masters" and "disciples" will be united in the spirit of collaboration, which will be centred around workshop-stands, where the work of the "masters" will reflect the Bauhaus style.


There will also be a conference on Friday, 15th November, starting at 19:00: "Less is more - the Bauhaus and Pierre Soulages. Two hundred years old - a motto" (Coulondrines Coulondres Golf of Saint-Gély-du-Fesc organized by Pause-Culture and hosted by Christina Weising, doctor of art history).


                     Espace Georges Brassens

                     34980 Saint-Gély-du-Fesc, France

All are welcome, on the opening night, 16th November 2019, from 18:30.  Opening hours 10:00-19:00h daily.

Né Humain - Laurens, France

28th September - 10 November 2019


The picturesque Château Grézan in Laurens, France, will be exhibiting a group of Rakel Persson’s sculptures and works on paper in the Autumn of 2019.  The works in this exhibition seek to answer the question of what do we do from our lives?, what governs our choices?   These are some of the questions Persson continually seeks to answer in her work. 


Persson is driven by a longing to plunge the depths of  mentally deep water, searching for the inner "basins", where the subconscious's symbols and ambiguities govern.  Her aim is to explore with an open mind the wordless labyrinths hiding within her, through the colours and the visual vocabulary of the form.  The works in this exhibition aim to understand the present time, to ask questions, see opportunities and explore nature's healing power, whilst allowing the viewer to get lost and find their back along new paths, and with new insights.

The sculptures and pictures in thsi exhibition speak, if you have time to listen!

See more about Rakel and Château de Grezan in a short film​



                   Château  de Grézan Centre Art & Culture

                   34480 Laurens, France

All are welcome on the opening night, 28th September 2019, from 16.00


Being Human - Varberg, Sweden

6th June - 26th August 2018


Gallerihamnmagasinet, in Varberg Sweden, will be showing a group of Rakel Persson’s sculptures, works on paper and poems, in an exhibition that explores, identity, the human condition, and it’s resilience.  The works being shown in Being Human offer illustration to the surrealist Leonora Carrington’s observation, that “the task of the right eye is to peer into the telescope, while the left eye peers into the microscope.”  From every vantage point, her sculptures prompt the viewer to open up to their imaginations and possibilities.




Being Human has been curated by Joanna Holmström with the generous support of the city of Varberg.

Pure Autumn Arts Fair - Battle, United Kingdom

October 2017


Rakel Persson has been invited to exhibit five unique sculptures in the prestigious PURE Autumn Art Fair, in Battle, UK, between the 7 and 15 October.   Rakel's work continues to explore identity and the journey of the individual, by reimagining her memories and dreams through the shadows and colours of nature, while exploring the possibilities that result from the metamorphosis of animal, human and plant.




The PURE Autumn Art Fair is a selected art fair showcasing the brightest upcoming and more established talent. Curated by Lesley Samms, it features the work of some sixty artists working across all fine art media including painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, photography, sculpture, ceramics and glass.

                        CEBENNA (2016) - Installed in Béziers, France                                                                           December 2016


Rakel’s monumental figure of Cebenna (2016), first seen in her Mouv’Art installation of June 2016, is now on permanent view at the Théâtre des Franciscains in Béziers, France.



                 Théâtre des Franciscains 

                 13 Bis Boulevard Bertrand Duguesclin, 34500 Béziers, France


Cebenna is now a part of the permanent collection of The City of Béziers, and was installed in the Théâtre des Franciscains in December 2016, with the support of La Mouche: Lieu d’Art ContemporainCebenna tells the story of the mythical protectress of the City of Béziers, whose outline can be seen in the hills north of the city, in the outline of Mt. Caroux. 


Rakel’s re-imagining of this ancient myth has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in felted wool, creating a life sized figure that is both rooted to the landscape of the Hérault where she rests, while also appearing on the verge of taking a life restoring breath of air.

     CONTEMPORARY VENICE - LIQUID International Art Show

                             15th December 2016 to 15th January 2017


Rakel Persson's enigmatic and evocative La Robe Amoureuse (2016), first seen in her MOUV'ART 2016 installation in Beziers, is now being exhibited in the stunning Palazzo Flangini in Venice.  


La Robe Amoureuse will hang in the historic Palazzo Flangini on the iconic Grand Canal, where it will sway to the gentle tides of the city's waterways, standing as both a testament to the rich history of textile trade and production that helped make Venice great, and the beauty, romance and longing that are now synonymous with the city.  



It’s LIQUID Group, in collaboration with VALORIZZAZIONI CULTURALI | ART-EVENTS, is proud to announce the opening of CONTEMPORARY VENICE – It’s LIQUID International Art Show, international exhibition of architecture, photography, painting, video art, installation and performance art, will be held in Venice, at the prestigious Palazzo Flangini, from December 16, 2016 to January 15, 2017.

The opening of the event will be on December 16, 2016 at the Palazzo Flangini, starting from 06:00PM (free entry).

MOUV’ART 2016 - A Street Installation Project 

1st June to 5th June 2016

The street event MOUV’ART was held in Béziers, France, in 2016. It was the first time the event has been held outside of Marseille since it's founding.  Mouv'Art took place in the Allées Paul Riquet, Place de la Madeleine, Place du Forum (Mairie), and La Devèze, quartier l’Iranget, between the 1st June and 5th of June 2016.




MOUV'ART is an arts festival that brings artists into dynamic urban spaces where they can showcase their work.  Using shipping containers as “stages” for the artists, visitors are transported to unusual locations throughout Béziers, while bringing art to places where they would least expect to see it.


Rakel Persson was offered a container in the event, one of 23 artists to be invited this year. In an exciting collaboration, Rakel was sponsored by La Mouche: Lieu d’Art Contemporain.